Tailor-Made Software Solutions

Architecture Design

Building a project that can expand both in complexity and scale is not an easy task. It is crucial to consider components structure and modularity. We bring our experience in developing a wide range of platforms for different types of applications.


In order to stay relevant it is important to always explore the newest technologies on the market and stay up to date. We put effort in choosing the best technologies for the application, based on the requirements. We are quick to embrace new tools to improve the quality of our products.

The Team

Our team consists of experienced developers, some with deeper understanding of specific technologies. We stay up to date, learn about new techniques and train with new technologies to always improve the skills of every individual developer, as well as teamwork.

Solutions & Expertise

Mobile applications

We develop mobile apps using different technologies, from hybrid frameworks to native applications.

Online shops & e-commerce platforms

From simple online shops to large eCommerce platforms. Integration with various payments, accounting and postal services.

IOT software & hardware solutions

From smart homes, smart cities, assets tracking and monitoring and more. We are developing IOT based solutions for various types of applications.

SMS & Email delivery

We provide solutions for reliable SMS and Email campaigns delivery. From newsletters to automated emails, SMS reminders and more.

Online forms & Remote signatures

Fill out formal forms online on any mobile device. Sign forms using a signature pad, generate a digitally signed document. We can customize the right solution for your needs.

Real-time applications

From chat platforms, improved user experiences, multi-platform communication and more. We enhance our platforms with tools that will create a better experience for your users.

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