Empowering in-house technologies into data-driven solutions

    Creating fully-automated machine learning algorithms

    Growing your brand with loyal communities


As your campaign’s data accumulates through our system, we utilize the data to construct an AI model to filter the data, assigning a score to each user and placement. Using this unique scoring system, we’ve established a smart allocating method that knows how to tailor your ad strategy based on user level segmentation. Our filtering includes Geofencing, timestamps, IP’s, UA, OS version, device id, device model, ROAS, Placement CR & CTITs, and more.

Global Reach

Get full access to direct in-app placements from the world’s largest mobile developers and websites. Combined with our proprietary in-house RTB, we are able to combine those ad placements and provide you with limitless possibilities to engage with your global communities and promote your brand across multiple channels.

Dynamic Creative Targeting

We developed a unique and dynamic creative optimization algorithm that helps you boost your bidding strategy while reaching optimal placements for maximum discovery. Accelerate your successful creative outcomes and gain valuable insights by testing multiple creatives simultaneously. This approach minimizes the expenses associated with creative testing while optimizing ad performance. Utilize precise data-driven iterations to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Pre-bid fraud prevention

Our comprehensive data approach ensures your protection against various types of mobile ad fraud which are constantly evolving. We filter out fraudulent bid requests before even serving a single ad - protecting the performance and integrity of your marketing budgets. We do so by deploying real-time, multi-layered techniques such as Cluster Analysis, Cross-checking IP vs device language and version, Real-time data from MMP, and Automated Placement Blacklisting based on CR, CTIT & Install-to-Event ratio.

marketing attribution platform

Our real-time analysis platform will attribute the most optimal users for your marketing budgets, follow your revenue, monitor fraud, and cross audience segments to achieve ROI.


Full-stack programmatic RTB which offers ad monetization and media buying solutions for advertisers and exchanges. We utilize cutting-edge technologies together with a highly efficient architecture to achieve high scale and reliable results. We are connected to various global databases and blacklists and we constantly map our integrated media sources to ensure high quality.

Easy Integration

Integrate with our lightweight SDK or directly with our API and start optimizing your traffic


Our real-time analysis will serve customized ads to your users, and direct your traffic to the most relevant sources to increase your profit


Users who once visited your website are 90% more likely to convert. Now you can catch up on them on different screens and devices launching retargeting campaigns on Ovalio DSP


Omnichannel media-buying technology deeply integrated with the world’s best supply partners

CPM Bidding

Advertise with the most affordable, consistent, and transparent pricing model based on cost-per-thousand-impressions that lets you pay for viewable impressions

Hyper-local Advertising

Address the users who stay in the vicinity of your business with highly-targeted ads. Make timely and up to the point propositions, hot offers, and special discounts

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